EXCLUSIVE Milan legend: 'Bernardeschi a future €50m player'

EXCLUSIVE Milan legend: 'Bernardeschi a future €50m player'

Federico Bernardeschi is going through a purple patch. After losing most of last season to a serious ankle injury, the young Fiorentina talent is one of the most promising young Italian players of the moment. We spoke exclusively to Milan legend Giovanni Galli, who was responsible for bringing the youngster when he was still the Gigliati's Director of Sport. 

"Even when he was very young, it was immediately evident that he wanted to play in the big leagues. He's always been talented, and has been able to make the most of it to reach his objectives". 

Bernardeschi is now blossoming under new manager Paulo Sousa: "Sousa is helping him develop, he's become more complete, he can play in different roles. He's very dynamic, he's the prototypical modern player". 

Galli is also convinced that the 21-year-old will eventually be selected by Antonio Conte: "I'm expecting it, because Federico is a modern player. First he only relied on his talent, now he uses it to benefit the team". 

Though Bernardeschi's development is far from complete, Galli is optimistic that when he reaches his potential, he'll be one of Europe's most coveted players. "He can definitely play for a major European team. When he starts to score a few more goals, maybe even from range or from a set piece, then he'll truly be a top player, the kind who warrants a 50 million investment". 

Francesco Zei (@FrancescoZei), translated by @edodalmonte

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