• Maradona: ‘My Napoli side would have trashed Juve’ - Video -

    Maradona: ‘My Napoli side would have trashed Juve’ - Video -

    Napoli legend Diego Armando Maradona turns 56 today. El Diez has celebrated his special day posting a video on his official Facebook page attacking Gonzalo Higuain and claiming that his Napoli side would have scored four goals against Juventus.

    “Today’s my birthday, but it’s a very sad day for me because Napoli lost against Juventus yesterday. For sure, my Napoli side would have netted four goals against Juventus yesterday, I want you to know it.”

    “This Juventus side is not as strong as the one that used to play against us. I want to thank you all for the messages you are sending me on the day of my birthday, especially Neapolitans. I don’t betray you. I don’t care what Higuain does, he can do whatever he wants, and I’ve never betrayed the Napoli shirt, nor the heart of Neapolitans.”

    Higuain netted the winner’s in Juventus’ 2-1 win over Napoli yesterday night in the first meeting against his old club.

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