Commenta per primo

Just how expensive is Paul Pogba? If we were to trust Mino Raiola, then he'd be up there with the Mona Lisa. Er, ok then!

Either way, Juventus must be pretty chuffed with themselves right now. Giuseppe Marotta and Fabio Paratici brought the young Frenchman in on a Bosman, and are now looking at a sale of over 100 million, enough money to rebuild (unless you're Tottenham Hotspur, that is) twice over.  

The latest indiscretions from the Juventus Stadium have the Old Lady turning down offers of 90 million - with enough wiggle room to make it to 100 - from both Barcelona and Chelsea last summer. Though the Frenchman has alternated amazing performances with listless ones, he has still been very good for Juventus, further increasing his value. 

In short, if anyone is to grab the Frenchman, they'll have to make an indecent proposal: from what we gather, that would be in the region of €120 million. Oh, and Raiola has made it clear that they'd need a salary of 11-12 million a year.

Why? Well, Juventus' mentality is changing. They now see buying, not selling (hello, Inter and Milan!) as they key to success. Why send Pogba away when he's happy in Turin, and when he holds traditionally prestigious clubs (like Juve!) in higher stock than the nouveau riche?  

Though we're not excluding that someone will be happy to take the plunge (Euro 2016 is coming up, after all), we can safely say that it'll be a monstrous undertaking. 

Fabrizio Romano (@FabrizioRomano), precis translation by @edodalmonte