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    Milan fan asks De Sciglio to sign 'anti-Juve' clause. How did he react?

    Milan fan asks De Sciglio to sign 'anti-Juve' clause. How did he react?

    Mattia De Sciglio was at the centre of a curious incident on Milan TV today.

    Asked by a fan to sign an ‘anti-Juve’ clause in his deal, the full-back was unable to provide a clear confirmation, saying that “I’ve always supported this team, I’m proud to have gone through every level of this youth academy. Wearing this team’s colours is a unique feeling”.

    The Italy full-back was close to moving to Turin this summer, only for things to fall through at the last minute. The 23-year-old has long been a target of the Bianconeri.

    De Sciglio’s deal expires on June 30th, 2018, but our sources confirm that so far talks of a renewal are in stand-by, and that no such anti-Juve clause has been mentioned.

    De Sciglio’s recent contact with former Coach Max Allegri (now at Juventus) in which the manager said that he’d “bring him to Turin” (See link) also raised some eyebrows, though De Sciglio brushed it off: ‘it was just a greeting. He helped me develop, and I will always thank him for having faith in me.

    "Saturday’s game will be key: we can cut Juventus’ lead if we pull it off. It’ll be revenge for the Coppa Italia defeat, but also important for the table and the SuperCup”.

    “We’re not focussing on the table that much, we want to do our best game by game” de Sciglio added. 


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