Commenta per primo
The transfer market is approaching and one player who might leave Milan is Luiz Adriano. With his salary of 3 million euros net per season, he is the second highest payed Milan player and he hasn't played much this year. Luiz Adriano seems to want to stay in Milan but the club have put him on their sellable players list.

NO TO CSKA MOSCOW- According to sources, CSKA Moscow have made him a concrete offer. They are willing to give him the same salary that he currently makes but Luiz Adriano isn't sure that he wants to move back to Eastern Europe as a potential deal seems unlikely. 

BUNDESLIGA? - Gilmar Veloz (the player's agent) has a great understanding with many German clubs and he has been talking to them regarding Luiz Adriano. He would be much more willing to move to Germany and this seems to be a possibility for him in the near future. 

Article by Daniele Longo, adapted and translated by Jean-Luca Mascaro (@CalcioNews89)