• Roma legend Totti: 'I almost left for Sampdoria'

    Roma legend Totti: 'I almost left for Sampdoria'

    As if Francesco Totti's career wasn't interesting enough, the Roma icon has now added another layer to it. 

    Speaking on Friday, the club talisman admitted that he was close to joining Sampdoria when he was a young Roma player. 

    “I was very close to Sampdoria in the past,” he told the Corriere dello Sport, “I’d already signed with the Doria, but the Roman Gods rebelled”. 

    “There was a three-way friendly tournament at the Olimpico with Ajax and Borussia Dortmund, and it was a magical evening. It may have been destiny, but I scored a brace against both teams. 

    “Ajax had a very good player whom [Coach Carlos] Bianchi wanted at the time, but after the game [president] Franco Sensi dug his heels in and said: ‘He’s not going anywhere’”. 


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