Commenta per primo
Daniele Baselli is looking forward to the upcoming season, and spoke at length today about his second campaign in a row as a Torino player. 

The midfielder began life in Piedmont with a bang, netting five goals in his first eight appearances (four in Serie A alone), and quickly establishing himself as one of the best-improved youngsters in the league.

His scoring streak dried up, however, as the season went along. 

The 24-year-old doesn't seem to overly concerned, however: 

“I grew up last season from that pespective, I'll have more help this year. I was always serene last season: everything began well, but I think opponents got to know me, so it was normal that a few of my tricks didn't come off.
“I don't think I declined last year, but I think that the team's performance affected me”. 

Baselli then went on to talk about Coach Mihajlovic's plans for next season (“I think Mihajlovic will use a 4-3-3. I'd be a goalkeeper if it meant I'd play!”) and talk about his international ambitions...

“My dream is to wear the Azzurri shirt, the national team has always been an objective, beyond the fact that Coach Ventura is there.

“Every young man dreams of playing for Italy”.