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    Garrone: 'Pazzini wanted to go'

    Garrone: 'Pazzini wanted to go'

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    "For some time there were too many sirens calling Pazzini and he was fascinated, also influenced by the desire to go up a level. We did not to get rid of him. I was hoping that the sirens would not happen but they did". The president of Sampdoria, Riccardo Garrone, commented while watching todays training which also saw the presence of the new acquisition Biabiany, former Inter.

    Commenting on some of the editorials this morning on the sale of Pazzini, Sampdoria’s president said, "I’m the general director, I have able and faithful collaborators, I'm calm and I say that we could not carry on with Pazzini. The rope is very tense, this is not a threat but if the rope broke it would be noticed after the break and there will be nothing left to do".

    Garrone concluded by saying: "I am not Moggi, I will not change football but I’ll carry on like this".


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