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Roma President James Pallotta has renew his confidence in Rudi Garcia ahead of AS Roma’s clash against Palermo. “He is the first manager I picked as the club’s president. Clearly I am not happy [about the team’s form] but Garcia can pick up the pieces and find the right match between the strength and the weak points of our players”, Pallotta told to  the Italian newspaper Il Tempo.

“Garcia – continues President Pallotta – need to know who can play with who. This summer we brought in important players as well as young prospects that will build AS Roma’s fortunes in the future.”

Pallotta’s statements arrives in the most complicated period of Garcia’s spell at AS Roma. The bone-crushing blow against the Belarus side Bate Boris have deepen the tension between the manager and Sportive Director Walter Sabatini, as well as the Giallorossi supporters.
The relationship between Sabatini and Garcia is permanently deteriorated, while the understanding between former Lille manager and the American president are still good.

As reported by Italian journalist and columnist Giampiero Timossi, Walter Sabatini would like to substitute the Frenchman with former Juventus head coach Antonio Conte, who is in charge of the Italian national team at the moment.  Conte’s appointment would make pretty much impossible for Sabatini to change Roma’s head coach in the short term. Indeed, he  would have to wait until the end of UEFA Euro 2016 to satisfy his desire of having the three times Italian Serie A champions sitting on Roma’s bench, provided that Conte won’t renew his agreement with Italy.

Surprisingly Conte is a name that doesn’t match Roma’s supporters agreement, despite his managerial pedigree.  Fans don’t forget his past as one of the most bitter Giallorossi enemies, both during his playing and managerial career. At least President Pallotta is in god company as he also declared that he “won’t follow the team at the Stadio Olimpico anymore, as he has too much haters among AS Roma’s fans”