Commenta per primo

"I'm so glad Nicolas Spolli is starting on a regular basis!"
Said nobody. 

It's taken the Argentine exactly one game as a Musso Volante to return to the limelight... for all the wrong reasons. The Vine below (brought to you by @nonleggerlo) shows Spolli and fellow Chievo centre-back / maniac Bostjan Cesar (he of the 59 yellow and 4 red cards in five and a half Serie A seasons? Well I never!) kicking seven shades out of Mauro Icardi... when Maurito had already hit the deck. 

A horrible gesture, and one that was likely premeditated. Why? Because Spolli is a former team-mate of Maxi Lopez's from their days at Catania. Whilst we can't be certain, it's not hard to put two and two together, and explain this incident as an attempt at seeking revenge over the Wanda Nara incident.

Icardi made the headlines for all the wrong reasons two seasong ago, when news emerged that he was hitching up with current husband Wanda Nara, who had previously been married to Maxi Lopez, and is mother to three of his children.