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    Exclusive interview with Dzeko’s agent: ‘He preferred Man City move over AC Milan’

    Exclusive interview with Dzeko’s agent: ‘He preferred Man City move over AC Milan’

    AS Roma striker Edin Dzeko struggled to come to terms with Serie A last term, but the Bosnian hit-man has been consistently improving his performances since the beginning of the 2016-17 campaign, so much so he already has four goals in seven league games.’s Pasquale Guarro has interviewed the player’s agent Silvano Martina.

    This year’s version of Dzeko is so different from last season
    “Dzeko’s always the same player. He has more self-confidence now and has more experience as well.”

    ​Sometimes people underestimate how important it is to settle in well.
    “That’s a big mistake. Last season was not easy for the team in general. A new manager was hired in the middle of the season and Dzeko had to adapt to a new kind of football. Sometimes it’s just a matter of time.”

    Some criticisms were very, very harsh….
    “Dzeko is an amazing footballer. He has amazing technical skills despite his height, not to mention that he can score between 15 and 20 goals each season.”

    Is he a classic centre forward or a support striker
    “He’s a Boninsegna-style striker. He likes having a strike partner. I’ll tell you what; I think he can have better performances as a support striker because he can create spaces for his teammates tanks to his moves. He registered seven assists last season.”

    That’s why the best clubs have always tried to sign him.
    “That’s true. When he was at Wolfsburg Galliani went to visit his family at home, trying to persuade them to move to AC Milan. Manchester City made an official bid shortly after and Dzeko opted to move in the Premier League. Juventus were interested in signing him too. They could have signed him when Dzeko went to Roma, in summer 2015.”

    ​Most of AS Roma fans have also changed their mind about him
    “I can say that fans have always been very respectful. On social media it’s different, that’s not a real pitch. People going to the stadium have always supported him. Dzeko has missed some goals, but he has never hided his qualities and people notice that in the end.”

    Has he ever thought that moving to Roma was a wrong choice?
    “Yes, but he reacted shortly after. I knew he would have get over it, he told that he would have improved this season.”

    Pasquale Guarro, translated by Lorenzo Bettoni

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