• Icardi admits to seeking altenative treatment WITHOUT telling Inter!

    Icardi admits to seeking altenative treatment WITHOUT telling Inter!

    Mauro Icardi may have insulted Inter fans, but he may have got himself into troublemwith the club, too. 

    The Inter striker has already agreed to amend certain statements in his autobiography, but some more passages have come under scrutiny, passages in which the 23-year-old admits to treating his sports hernia without telling the club. 

    Back when Walter Mazzarri (and his medical staff) was still at the San Siro, Icardi was peeved at being sent back to play a mere two weeks after sustaining an operation to heal a sports hernia. 

    “The doctors were sure of their decision," he wrote in his autobiography, "so much so that they made me available for selection inside two weeks. That's how I found myself down on the ground again, after just one game, with the same pain as before. 
    "I admit it, I got angry with the executives, I told them they had been incapable of handling my problem”. 
    "He decided to seek alternative care, a colleague named Elio telling him of a Doctor Umberto Zerbini of Arezzo, an expert who would apparently be able to reduce his pain to a minimum.  
    “I didn't know who to ask, I was about to lose faith in the doctors and traditional medicine… so I didn't hesitate in accepting this opportunity. 
    “It's a pity that Inter's staff knew nothing about it, because I didn't tell them anything, as I knew they wouldn't tolerate any type of alternative medicine”.


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