• Juric: ‘Inter have more quality than Juventus’

    Juric: ‘Inter have more quality than Juventus’

    Despite Inter sitting 10th in the Serie A table, 15 points behind table leaders Juventus, Genoa boss Juric has made a very interesting point about both clubs’ potentials during an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport.

    The current grifone boss worked as Gasperini’s assistant coach in 2011 when the Italian tactician was in charge of the nerazzurri side.

    “I discovered a new world at Inter. There were big players who were also humbles. At Inter I understood that you can’t appear weak when you enter a new world, otherwise your importance could be underestimated. Everybody was talking about Mourinho at the time. It was clear that a true leader had worked there.

    “I wish the best to Pioli. He has all the qualities he needs to success: he’s a solid manager, an honest and competent person. One of the few managers I’d ask advices on players. Actually, I’ve done it already. He can successful at Inter because Inter have nothing less than Juventus, they are not as tough, but they have more quality.”

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