Commenta per primo
Juventus are unstoppable at the moment. Having ground out another Serie A win (her 13th in a row), the Old Lady has equalled her best ever streak, and is only three games short of equalling a particularly painful memory, Inter's 17 straight... the year Juventus had been relegated to Serie B after Calciopoli.

Problem is, the Bianconeri are also basting another record: with Giorgio Chiellini's strain forcing him off twenty minutes from time, the Old Lady had lost her 40th player to injury this season...and the 28th to muscular problems. An incredible number.

Even Coach Max Allegri has admitted that his handling of the rotation left something to be desired. How could he risk Giorgio Chiellini against a weak opponent in Frisinone, when he had Daniele Rugani on the bench?  

The same Rugani is now likely to start against none other than Napoli. Good job Allegri praised his development and tactical versatility! With Leonardo Bonucci one card away from suspension and Chiellini missing most of the week's training, the former Empoli player could have surely played a role.

The good news is that even when the going gets tough, Juventus are able to grind out a win and to be cynical when it matters. Instead of taking their steuggling opponents for granted the Bianconeri were even more determined than they were in midweek against Genoa.  

And another thing: can you guess how many goals Juventus have conceded in the second round? That's right, none. Only Antonio Cassano has managed to beat Buffon in 2016.

This Juventus team only has one word in its vocabulary: win. Let's just hope their own medical team compromises their shot at multiple silverware.

@NicolaBalice, translated by @EdoDalmonte