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    Leonardo: 'Inter are not at the end of a cycle'

    Leonardo: 'Inter are not at the end of a cycle'

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    Inter boss, Leonardo, spoke about the next match against Cesena in a press conference: "Unfortunately Wesley won't be involved because he is struggling a little, but our midfielders can play everywhere. esena are playing really well at the moment. They have plenty of enthusiasm and tomorrow they will give us a tough game".

    "Our aim," Leonardo continued, "is very clear: to go into each game to get a positive result, both in the league, where we want to hold on to second place, and of course in the Coppa Italia. These players know how important these goals are to us. Personally, after this period we've been through, and even after the defeats, I feel more of a coach now. What mark would I give myself? No mark, I can't give myself a mark, but I feel much more of a coach now than before, and I know that this is what I want to do. I feel stronger: it's a moment of growth for me. I've changed and I will keep changing."

    End of a cycle? Inter already has a team here. I don't understand this talk about it being 'the end of a cycle'. Really, I don't see much sense in putting it like that. And even less so if you think that this year, with all the problems there have been and after winning everything in the last five years, we're fighting to win the Coppa Italia and for second place in the league, with players who are world champions and who won the Italian Super Cup."

    On his future: "I've taken on a role and I'm still here and willing to do it. I'm happy, I want to keep going and I'm more convinced than ever that being a coach is the job for me. I will be here as long as I have the strength to do so; when I no longer have that strength I won't be here. And I will always do what I can for the club."

    Regrets for the Champions? "Yes, there is a lot of regret, but we have to go on."

    On Mourinho: "No, we haven't spoken. It's difficult to analyse what happened from where I am; I would need more information to do that."

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