Commenta per primo

Inter are in crisis and there is even talk of the risk of Serie B, looking at the statistics such as those relating to the 1993-94 season, when Inter were saved only at the penultimate day. But if you look at the glass half full and you look at the numbers, the situation is not so dramatic.

In a balanced league like this, in which Juventus and Napoli live on enthusiasm but also the sins of youth ( they won with AC Milan and Inter but lost or tie with Chievo, Parma, Bologna, Catania ...), so you'd think are not yet ready for the league title. In a league like this, the number one favorite was, is and will still be Milan, the current champions.
And although Inter has lost four out of six matches, Milan is still there, just four points away. So considering AC Milan the opponent to beat it would be enough to win two derby’s to win the Scudetto. In the remaining thirty games then it would be enough for Claudio Ranier’s team to make the same points as the Rossoneri. 

Easy? Not at all. Indeed, the picture described is more like a utopia to reality. But with some injured recovered and a couple of shots on the market in January (Kucka is certain, the great goal is Tevez), dreaming, for the Nerazzurri fans, is not prohibited.