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    Reina: ‘Napoli a better side without Higuain'

    Reina: ‘Napoli a better side without Higuain'

    Napoli goalkeeper Pepe Reina  has released an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport talking about the club’s objective and incoming games.

    “Milik’s injury is a bid blow for us, but we have to look forward. Our squad is strong, we’ll find a solusion. Sarri has teken pressure out of our shoulders, I am sure he doesn’t really think what e told us. Everyone knows that Juventus are the best team, but we’ll fight for the Serie A title until the end.”

    “It’s too early to give up.”

    “They are the favourites, but Sarri wants to put pressure on them and take it off us. Thye are way better than last season. And their squad was not weak last term....”

    “Higuain’s sale has allowed us to sign players which have added depth to our squad. I am sure that we are improved even if Milik’s injury could change something.”

    “Higuain’s sacrifice couldn’t be avoided, because if someone comes and pay the clauses, there is nothing the club can do.”

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