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    Agent: 'Biabiany not happy, many clubs want to sign him'

    Agent: 'Biabiany not happy, many clubs want to sign him'

    Jonathan Biabiany’s agent Giovanni Branchini has released an interview with fcinternews talking about the future of his client.

    “Inter’s squad is deep, but we expected some sort of disease after the manager’s change and the end of the summer transfer window.”

    “We are waiting now. It’s useless to say he wants to leave now. We have to be patient. We’ll take the best decision for the player alongside the club. Many clubs are interested in signing him: Italian, English and Chinese. It is still too early, however, to talk about the winter transfer window.”

    “Jonathan is realist and pragmatic. He can’t be happy if he doesn’t play and is not even called for games, but he’s not desperate.”


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