Commenta per primo

Chaos at Inter. It is unknown who will coach the squad, who will leave, who will arrive. For sure we know that they are looking for a new attacker, perhaps a second forward with good feet and fast pace. At the top of Branca's list there is Alexis Sanchez, who is wanted by the greatest clubs in Europe. The alternative is Tevez, but Moratti will have to deal with the player's tantrums; one day he says he wants to leave Man City, one day he says he wants to stay.

Therefore they might compete with Juventus to acquire Sergio Aguero, Maradona's son in law, who Inter have been following for a couple of years. Maradona's good relationship with Moratti could facilitate the Kun's transfer to Milan.

Aguero has virtually already left Atletico Madrid and he planned to play for Real. However, they now have Neymar and seem no more interested in Aguero.  Juventus are interested in him, whereas Chelsea and the two clubs in Manchester are not fully convinced. There is space for Inter to negotiate.

Compared to Juve, Inter have the advantage to play the Champions League. Additionally, Aguero will find lots for Argentine mates.

Aguero is young, he's now well accostumed to European football and can integrate well with Inter's attackers.