Commenta per primo
Mauro Icardi has taken part to an event in Milan’s city centre today and reporters asked him to reply to Diego Armando Maradona’s sharp comments on him.

“I can’t talk about a person who is an example for nobody. Everyone knows the person I’ve become. His words were bad, but it had happened already.”

“He was an amazing player, but I am not talking about people who are outside football.”

​Icardi also shared his thoughts on Inter’s shape

“We have to work hard because we are a big club. We’ve trained well during the international break. International players will return soon. We can play a great game against Cagliari. We can always play like we did against Juventus, there are no alibis.”

“I have to thank the club for their trust and the renewal. I am happy for being considered national team material, but the coach has to choose.”

“Mancini told me that he was going to leave Inter in August. I was the only one to be aware. When I was playing for Sampdoria I was offered to play for U-21 Italy national team, but I decided to say no. The best strikers in the world are Argentinean and I am just 23. I can only wait.”

“I can’t remember when exactly but in 2013 or 2014 I had sports hernia and Branca wanted to send me back to Sampdoria. I asked him to stay, I’ve always wanted to stay at Inter.”