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    Juventus interested in Aguero?

    Juventus interested in Aguero?

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    If it's true that Juventus want to acquire Aguero to follow the new path indicated by John Elkann (young and winning team by 2014) they'd better get a move on, most of all directly with the "Kun".

    The message, indirectly, was given by Enrique Cerezo, president of Atletico Madrid, who confirmed that the 22 years old Argentine attacker (like Diego Forlan), will stay with the Colchoneros, but added that "in the end footballers play where they want".

    Will Aguero want to play in the new Juventus stadium? It's up to the Bianconeri to convince him. Elkan indicated the path, now it's up to Andrea Agnelli and above all Beppe Marotta put this in practice.

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