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    Leonardo Bonucci has some advice for Mario Balotelli

    Leonardo Bonucci has some advice for Mario Balotelli

    Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci has talked to media today while on duty with Italy national team. The azzurri will be facing Spain and Macedonia in the next ten days.

    “Spain are the favourite to finish first, they have the best players in each part of the pitch. It will be a very important game, but not decisive. They are not the same team we faced at EURO 2016, they have new motivations. We should do more than what we did against Israel.”
    Bonucci is going through some serious familiar problems with one of his son who has been diagnosed with a severe pathology.

    “What I’ve been going through in the last two months has made me stronger. I am still fight alongside my family.”

    ​Questioned over the differences between Ventura and Conte, Bonucci replied: “There are just a few differences. Conte is more like a motivator and is probably more meticulous. I don’t have a favourite system, I love to put good ideas into practice.”

    “Morata will become one of the best strikers in the world within a couple of years. Marking him will be tough, but I’ll do my best. Our system can cause Spain troubles.”

    “I’ve always likes Balotelli. If he understands how to behave, there is no reason why he shouldn’t get a call-up. I hope he will become more responsible at Nice. We have a great group. We’ve lost some quality, but we can fix our woes with other skills.”

    “When we were younger I was the first one to defend him and the first one to encourage him. His future is up to him. If he combines his qualities with humble he could return. Nobody needs the old Balotelli.”

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