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Moratti- Mourinho, farewell: "The relationship has ended. The President does not give Real any discounts: "The clause of 16 million remains. Capello is Inter’s target. (La Stampa) Today Real go to Milan. "Mou, do you want Madrid? Then take Quaresma along with Maicon. José dines with Moratti, here are the conditions: 35 million for the coach and players. Capello gives signals to Inter. Moratti: "Good." There is also the hypothesis Baggio with Guardiola. Mihajlovic: "Farewell Catania. Now he is free and sees Fiorentina. (Gazzetta dello Sport) The agreement with Real is ready, in the evening dinner with Moratti: "He will go away, but the clause should be respected". Succession: Guardiola (with Roberto Baggio in the staff), Capello and Hiddink candidates. Mihajlovic closer to Fiorentina. The club irritated with Milito. (Corriere della Sera) Yesterday at dinner: "He wants to go to Real Madrid." Moratti’s farewell to Mou : "Stop teasing." The 16 million termination in a negotiation for Maicon and Milito. For the future Mihajlovic or Capello. (Repubblica) Inter: Hiddink or Mihajlovic. But Moratti open to Capello: "Interesting idea”. Florence also speaks with Sinisa: Yesterday The viola director Corvino met the Serbian coach in Rome.Waiting for Moratti’s choice, the alternatives are Giampaolo or Zola. (Corriere dello Sport)