• Tevez - How he changed his outlook on football

    Tevez - How he changed his outlook on football

    After today’s news that Carlos Tevez’s move to Shanghai Greenland Shenhua will make him the highest paid footballer in world football, it’s worth taking a look at an interview he granted to Tyc Sports back in 2010 when he was plying his trade in the Premier League with Manchester City. The player known as “Apache” explained at the time that; “I no longer want to play. I am tired of football and the people who work in the industry, there’s too much money involved in the game and I don’t like what I see anymore”.
    At the time, Tevez was considering returning to his boyhood club Boca Juniors, five years later, he got his wish and it seemed as though his desire to retire where his career started would be satisfied. Now just 16 months on and the 32-year-old has signed a deal in the Chinese Super-League that nets him €77 per minute, €110 thousand a day, €38 million per year. Not a bad haul for someone who only six years ago considered walking away from the game.

    Steve Mitchell @barafundler

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